1. 1

    Groove Theory - Tell Me

  2. 2

    Groove Theory - 10 Minute High

  3. 3

    Groove Theory - Angel

  4. 4

    Groove Theory - Baby Luv

  5. 5

    Groove Theory - Boy At The Window

  6. 6

    Groove Theory - Come Home

  7. 7

    Groove Theory - Didja Know

  8. 8

    Groove Theory - Good 2 Me

  9. 9

    Groove Theory - Hello It's Me

  10. 10

    Groove Theory - Hey U

  11. 11

    Groove Theory - Keep Tryin'

  12. 12

    Groove Theory - Ride

  13. 13

    Groove Theory - Time Flies

  14. 14

    Groove Theory - You're Not The 1

Come Home

Groove Theory

You were born into a cold world With only the angels on your side And they whispered you must stay gold here Don't let nothin' blind your eyes So you go out into those cold streets And you get caught up in their lies They offer you money and power But someday they will leave you there to die Chorus: Don't you know The street will never love you like I do You won't find out until your alone The street will never love you like I do So leave that life behind and come home And come home, come home, baby come home And if they loved you like I do Whether your pocket's full or empty They would be around And if you lose it all they'll watch you take a fall Nobody loves you when you're down And I see the way this world has tried to break you Tried to hurt me too you know I understand But I can't let you go, and lose your soul because I love you Open your eyes and take my hand Chorus Come home No one said it would be eay Come home We've had pain since we began Come home I see how the world deceived you I understand Chorus

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