Hills Have Eyes

From the beginning I knew you were with me
Can't fight you anymore, it's you I'm fighting for now
Stories to tell, promises to keep (make me believe)
May the bridges we burn light the way

Just breathe, seconds are fading away
Do you have any idea how this will end?
I see it now, just lead the way
History prefers legends to men

Fame, fortune fuck it all
Memories will last, I see the writing on the wall
Fear cuts deeper than swords
Let's never look back, let's never look back
Live fast, don't die young
Time flies, it waits for no one
The heart lies, the head plays tricks
But my eyes only show me glory

I've heard that every flight begins with a fall (remember my name)

Safe to say, I'll give you the key
Of death and hades just follow me until the end
You'll be everything you wanted to be

Read it in my eyes: I'll leave the past behind
Can't become a page on someone else's book though
I won't be giving up, you won't be giving up
My heart is made of steel and yours is made of stone
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