Those Birds Wont Bother Us

Hills Have Eyes

You look around and they all try to stab you in the back
The world is dying to take a laught at you
Smiles so cinic that they just take your breath, you feel their handshakes like needles in your chest
They are just waiting to step on you when you fall down
Thoughtless words trying to establish what a slap in the face would do just right
Are those words for me? I´m blushing now

They just fly in circles waiting for the right time and when you´re down it´s their time to shine

I´m sorry that you didn´t see that we don´t care, we walk our own line we know what we can bare
We can feel you breathing in every step we take, your life is made of smiling on others mistakes

So you can take your knife out and all those bullets you have sent
Now did you get the message? This is what we meant

The one time you will open your eyes is when i cut your wrists wide open
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