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    Hodinem - Hit 'em Up [Part 1]

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    Hodinem - Releasing Anger

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    Hodinem - Suspension

Hit 'em Up [Part 1]


Go Hoddy Go Hoddy [HODINEM} Go Hoddy Go Hoddy Aiiyo!! First off fuck you bitch and the shit you say, Diss me but at least I don't binge ad ain't gay You claim to be big-boned but you'll fuck up your life So fuck you fatboy drop the food lets fight Plus, I'll pay your liposuction your stomachs full of shit You fat cunt and white lard-assed dickhead I'll keep on punchin' you think its fnny when your lettin' off akef Eatin' more food while I'm punchin at your chest, you need torest Die later, go ask the slimfast high leaders about their five waysto eat that you don't see when they released Yo, Sweeney you shouldn't fuck around with me, coz you ain'tready for your next eat... So fuck leeks, I'll let ya fat-ass know we iz rivals for life But you might fuckin' die tonight (HaHa) Fatboy killed himself on a big steak grill Fuck wit me and get your stomach drilled... You know CHORUS: Grab 380's when ya see Hodson Call the cops when ya see Hodson You ate all you could at the picnic I hope you relapse any minute Motherfucker, you eat 'em up Yo check this out your fat-ass ain't even on my level, I'ma finish my fuckin' rhyme, you fat lard-assed faggot Yo! Eat all ya can, yo. Eat all ya can, yo One day your heart'll stop Hodinem, fightin' back, you'll have a heart attack Ben Sweeney gettin' his fat-ass floored for talkin' back loads Fat-ass I'll murder ya, I'll show ya where the burgers are, at myown restaurant while you get the piss-took Drop, the Mars, then ya heart'll stop, call the cops, I'ma beat ya fat-ass Sweeney watch. Now I Got all my homies makin' fun of ya Sweeney Where's ya fuckin' mother now, there's only one of ya Sweeney You a fat bastard, you can't fuckin' chase me, While I run for seven minutes to the motherfuckin' P-U-B. CHORUS: Grab 380's when ya see Hodson Call the cops when ya see Hodson You ate all you could at the picnic I hope you relapse any minute Motherfucker, you eat 'em up You got a fat-ass but you ain't on no mission Still, this ain't no freestyle of Ben gettin' killed with hisstomach open Eatin' more and more shit, I hope you iz just chokin' You'll have a stroke, an now we know why you never fucked with meafter that time Coz you a fat motherfucker, you should cut down on the slim Talkin' 'bout ya fuckin' dinner, it iz funny to me You never get in trouble, I hope you choke on your tea I'ma hard-headed fuckin' G, I hope ya choke on ya fuckin' tea Hey Ben, remember when I told you to fuck off that day? It was obvious you'd eaten gravy Now its all dessert, you gave up fuck all 49 thousand chips covered in gravy While my songs makin' records break 2 and a half million sales by the second week Motherfucker, you eat 'em up! I'm twattin' ya now cuz I can't shoot you in school Fuck that shit, I got an uzi in my bag Get this shit off your dinner plate Your pupils are dialated, you are pervailated You will never get appriciated I hope I watch 'em bury you, bastard Cuz fat cunts get fucked up and choked up If that don't work you'll get your throat cut "What tha fuck?" Iz you stupid? I choke ya Sweeney with a fuckin' guitar chord and stuff ya incardboard Chopped up in a box, wit all ya flabby parts I'll stomp on ya heart Hodinem up in here, kill ya mother while you watch If I were you I'd lock ya doors Cuz I'll beat ya up worse that Tupac Shakur You a fat bastard Gettin' heart attack seizures I'll feed ya cheese-burgers from McDonalds and McGreases Fat bastard Fattened up fuck up Hodinem will always be I'll kill ya and leave the country!!!

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