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    Hodinem - Hit 'em Up [Part 1]

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    Hodinem - Releasing Anger

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    Hodinem - Suspension

Releasing Anger


[Yo! Hodinem'z in tha muthafuckin' house] When no-one's watchin' I'll fuck ya spouse I'm quick wit my rhymes, all da fuckin' time I fucked your bitch, cracked open your wine I'll always be around, No-one ta stop me coz of my sounds No shit I act like slim, but I ain't him I know for a fact, I'm betta than him Hodinem walks in da door Talkin' shit [Hardcore!!] My freestyles I spit, definately ain't shit Know this: Hodinem ain't scared to hustle, haggle, spit, slit,shit, dick, bitch!! So say my motherfuckin' name, play da motherfuckin' game Hodinem'll be around, wit all deez motherfuckin' sounds I'm this, I'm that, no shit I ain't black. People say white rappaz get laughed at Not only that you heard me upstairs, I'm shit, I can't rap No-one'll get my rap style banned Tryin' ta throw me away like a frizbee, I'll be back like aboomerang. Hodinem'z got his own gang. So, izzy, wizzy Hodinem'z gettin' busy Diss me all, I know you won't Coz it'll be you who is the stupid cunt When Hodinem stops, you know, he ain't finished Coz then you'll feel the wrath of a menace. I'm the thug, the nigga you'll love ta hate. I say fuck the world, I take a glance and they know it'll be mychance to advance So everyone betta back the fuck up, before they get smacked thefuck up Hodinem is Infiite, you heard of hell? Well I was sent from it. All deez whack emcee's ain't nothin' but shit, they got no keys,no partnership deals and no cheese, I guess they just lowlifeG's People sayin' I'm a fake-assed rapper, But if a bitch don't satisfy, I'll slap 'er I hate people who tell me to keep my styles the cleanest, well, They don't know shit, I'm keepin' my styles the leanest, themeanest. Coz this is my first rap, I thought I'd add no chorus, [ButWhy?] Cuz I Didn't wanna bore us All this rap shit takes time to come to terms with, but better tostart now, writin', shitein', spit-shinin', handgliding, fantasizing. But no matter what people say I'm gonna keep on rappin' thisway. When I first started I sounded shite, But now my styles are explosive, like dynamite [YO!] I'm a hostage taker, a ball breaker I'll tell ya to your face youain't shit but a faker. I'll always remember, coz I never forget, white girls aroundblack rappers ain't shit but sweats. I'm like Limp Bizkit, I keep on rollin', I'm strollin' throughthis rap, With no pressure and no heat. I'll always be back after a defeat [Prove It!] Meet me on the street at dusk, there'll be no fuckin' fuss I'll use my words to crush my opponents, I never show no emotion,my words will kill whoevers steppin to me My words are like weaponry on a record!

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