Come Alive

Idle Cure

Temperature's rising
Heat Is on - what will you do?
It's nothing new
You say you're alone
It's no wonder, you push it to the end
Back on your knees again
No - it's another show
I've seen it all before
You say you're running - you're fighting
The pressure's pulling you down

Come alive, Come alive
Got to keep it alive

Fighting for your life, running from a lie
Searching for freedom
You say it's different this time
C'mon, I'm no fool

Long nights, lost dreams, playing the game
To come alive it's not the same
When will it end - where will you go?

Falling in love - I know
It's either hot or cold
Tell me why - can't you see
He'll set you free

I told you no - give me some time
I'll face it for myself
I'll get through, I always do
With nobody's help

You're crying - you say you're lonely
Denying the One and only
I'll say it again Come Alive

Don't stop movln' - you got to keep it alive
It's on the line - no more time
Take a stand, make a plan

You know what to do
One thing left to do
You got to keep it alive
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