Mind Games

Idle Cure

It's a God forsaken place where nobody cares
Fill your desires, there's no one to stop and stare
It's the dark side

I've never told a soul, no I never will
Only I can go there, it's my own private hell
On the dark side

Tell me have you been there, not hard to do
Put your mind in the gutter and you leave it on cruise

A secret in the corner, an echo down the hall
Cold, dark, and dirty, this place it's gotta fall
Hiding in the darkness, trying to block the door
The lie is getting stronger

I've tried to fight but I never refuse
Who'll ever know? You know that's the line I use
Just a lame excuse

I'll test the water and swim around
Getting in deeper, guess who's gonna drown?
Can you tell me who's it gonna hurt
Then it tears you up, pulls you down, kicks you like dirt


You can call it human nature
You can call it whatever you want
But it only takes a little to leave behind the cross
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