Grow Up

Iggy Azalea

You know I'm fancy, you know I'm crazy
You know I'm fuckin' much better than you, baby
You know I'm Iggy, I know you're just bitch yeah
And I don't care with who you are or what fuckin' you do
You shoulda know that I can slay you
You're just another idiot motherfucker
Thinking you're the madman, while your just a pussy
I have an advice for people like you

Grow up
Grow up, darling
Grow up
Grow up, darling

You're there listen Katy Perry in you're parents basement
While I'm here driving a Cadillac, you're a unplaced
You can't have what I have, you can't be what I am
So just shut the fuck and listen what I'm sayin'

Fuck up
Fuck up, darling
You are
You're mess, darling

Look to you, now look at me
Who's walking trough the beverly hill streets?
You're so fat, try to work a bit
I've worked on my shit, and now I'm here
Fix your face, it's probably a shit
Well, can't see trough the computer screen
Fuck who you are, fuck what you think
You should just

Grow up
Fuck up, darling
Grow up
You're mess, darling

I'm tryin' to figure out who asked your opinion
Can you please tell me? I'll fuckin' kill this idiot
If you end with your life, nobody will care
Your parents will thanks God, you're just a life delay
Your parents, your parents
I'm so sorry for your parents, they have to endure you every day
Oh, they're life is a shit I think
Maybe if you just grow the fuck up they could have a good time
Stop being a little pussy, don't use your laptop to tell te truth
Face to face, eye to eye, say to me personally

Grow up
Grow up, darling
Grow up
Grow up, darling

If you grow up, I can be a bit nice to you, baby
If you grow up, I can be your slave, baby
If you grow up... if you grow up
You'll probably not grow up
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