Home Town Hatred

Iggy Azalea

I came from the dirt, I came from the country
You see it on the TV; never think that you could touch it
Nose in the mirror, dreams of something bigger
Snakes in my yard, spiders in the kitchen
Dinner in swimmer's, drought every summer
Cane in the evening, smoke stacks, over SunSafe

Stacks making up beds, cleaning with my mother
Catching trains to the city, chasing fame, who's winning?
I can't say, but I'm in this
Got myself a ticket to the sky, wave goodbye
And I pack my mother's kisses
All these haters well-wishing, hoping I'll be back by Christmas
But unless I do what's promised you won't see my face around this bitch

Dropped out of high school, planning was crucial
All my teachers don't believe me, said they'll see me next cycle
They don't have the drive that I do, the heart that I do
Scared but I'm fearless cause I don't got shit to lose
I want it
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