I'll Reach You

James Arthur

Noww we get off the train we take a backwards glance
Close our eyes and pay a tribute to the memories passed
I light a cigarette and hope that it will calm me down
Cause I cant beat the urge to tell you not to leave me now

I see his cloud of smoke
Why does she does turn around
Why does she not get off
Is it too late now?

This wont be okay
This wont be alright
I wont see you tonight, forever, from now on
Wont you turn this train around
Please make it stop now
I'm going to run and run until I'll reach you

We feel so sick that our attempts amount to no avail

I should have never put an ending to this fairytale
I've wrote a million times
But I've had no replies
Ill press my nose against the window hoping you'll arrive
I don't know how to tell him soon that I wont be alive.

I hope shes okay
I hope shes alright
Its been a long time forever's just too long
I'm going to find you
And ill take you home tonight
And I'm going to run and run and run and run till I reach you.
Shes bleeding
Won't someone help us?
Don't you die on me now?
Oh, I'm sorry
Shes bleeding
Don't you dïe on me now?
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