You Can't See Me

James Arthur

I just wanna have it all figured out
The more I'm in the dark, I see the light
And even though it's clearer, I cannot reach you
I just wanna be as content as you
But you do not deserve this, 'cause I do
You may say that it's a gift, but I beg to differ

I'm on a 5 mile an hour road to hell
I'll probably get bored and fucking end myself
I'm on a new type of mindset
Fuck the world, make it wet,
Better yet, don't call me
The world's a bitch,
Blow you load in her eyelids (like I did)

She's got oceans full of notions,
I'll be dropping the sky on the head
And the fishe everywhere but here
Come and help me dear,
Come and help me dear


Cause you can't see me, no
You can't see me no
You can't see me no, no, no (2x)

I'm on a highway,
Cause it was their way or this
She wasn't joking
I was taking the piss

Answer to you?
Eat this:
Got my pants around my ankles,
Why not give it a kiss?
I wont ever conform
And sign forms
For big shots with fake charms
They find death by firearms
For fucking with my music,
You know they think we're stupid
Sign him up, sign him up
Give him dreams, lucid

I'd rather die, please sir
It's either you or me
Life's a beautiful fucker,
Of course she chose me
I wasn't getting lazy,
She was suffocanting me


Cause you can't see me, no
You can't see me no
You can't see me no, no, no (2x)

And my uproarious arrival
Pushed the noise to the scene
And this inglorious decider
Will be left out on me
So I'll beat open her eyes
And open closed minds with hooked lines
I'll make them edible,
You'll gobble it down
Like it's the only thing that's floating
Need to hold on and drown
My words can grant you relief
I tell it bitter and sweet

So you can twist out the seeds
And put the demons to sleep
This is closure, exposure of the bad things
Brought to life
So we can face and spit them out,
Then maybe sleep tonight

Soak it up with the shirt off your back
Stay in the music til you're dead on your back
Get a vest and attack (and attack, oh)

They're ecstatic, I'm passive and it's making me sick
I swim in grease spilling drinks on another prick
And I've tried but it's too hard
So don't tell me to be calm
I'm dishing subtle blows with this quick wit
I'm equipped with
Stick your nose out my business, yeah
When I'm drunk, let me think I'm hot
I'm throwing punches through these blurry eyes


Cause you can't see me, no
You can't see me no
You can't see me no, no, no (2x)
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