Jennifer Hudson

[Rap: Papoose] Jennifer Hudson damn you special the baddest chick in the game you on your level she didn't win American Idol I commend you cause she a African Idol she special the women for the rucuds team they special don imounds got some nerve to disrespect you call them nappy head hoes what wrong wit them the last time i checked they was validictoiran.

[Verse 1: Jennifer Hudson]
Never had a love to take control
Move in my heart then move to my soul
Fill me up with just a taste
Moving past slowly
While giving me everything I ever wanted and ever dreamed of
Know exactly what I want and I don't have to say a thing
I want you to know that you're my kind
And I'm so happy baby that you're all mine
'Cause You're

You're something special
You're really, really, really, really
You're something special
I never dreamed that I loved
You're something special, baby
Very Special
Very, very, very, very special

[Verse 2: Jennifer Hudson]
From the way you walk to the way you speak
Everything about you is so unique (Yes it is)
I will spend more than a life time tryna find one like ya
But if I can't, baby I'll
Search the earth, swim the seven seas
There's no other place I'd rather be
Than wit you, you here with me
And I don't, I don't have to search No more
'Cause now I'm sure that you're

You're something special
My Baby
You're Very special
Very, very, very special
You're Very Special
You're something special to me

[Rap: Papoose]When I use the "N" word i say that's my nigga use the "B" word i say thats my bitch calm down miss you don't understand it its not disrespect it a term of endearment. Everybody tryna get a salary check but what y'all ready need is a reality check now she ya wife but she used to be your mistress when the holiday come where do you spend Christmas now you scratching your head but is it really itching they want quality time hours not minutes want to be a playa but a lot come wit it watch what ya ask for cause you just might get it I neva would've started this way in the beginning if I would've new it ended like this in the ending we all special do nothing that you regret R.I.P to those who died in Virginia Tech.

[Verse 3: Jennifer Hudson]
You're my Adam and you see that I'm your Eve
God made me for you and baby you for me
You dry all my tears, chase my clouds away
Bring me sunshine every single day
You're my lover and my best friend
And I can't help but to say it again that you're

You're something special
(I love you)
You're really special
Really special
You're something special (My, my, my, my Baby)
You're really special
(I don't know what I've done)

Would I Save Ya (No, No,)
What I Got to do, baby to love you
OOOO ????????? Kind of love
And I want to give it to you
'Cause you're special
Special to me, Baby (No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No)
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