Jennifer Hudson

Ladies and gentlemen, the Crystal Room is proud to present the club debut of America's new recording stars - The Dreams

Every man has his own special dream, and your dreams' just about to come true.
Life's not as bad as it may seem if you
open your eyes to what's in front of you.

[DREAMS:] We're your dreamgirls

[DEENA:] Boys we'll make ya happy...yeah!

[DREAMS:] We're your dreamgirls

[DEENA:] Boys, we'll always care

[DREAMS:] We're your dreamgirls, dreamgirls will never leave you.

[DEENA:] No,no and all you've got to do is dream, baby...

[DREAMS:] We'll be there. Dreams!

[DEENA:] Dreamgirls will help you through the night!

[DREAMS:] Dreams

[DEENA:] Dreamgirls will make you feel all right.

[LORELL:] Dreamgirls keep you dreaming your whole life through.

[EFFIE:] Yes dreamgirls can make your dreams come true.


[DREAMS:] Dreams

[DEENA:] Dreamgirls will help you to surivive.

[DREAMS:] Dreams

[DEENA:] Dreamgirls keep your fantasies alive!

[EFFIE:] Dreamgirls always love you and they'll be true!

[LORELL:] Yes, dreamgirls can only belong to you.

[DEENA:] I'm not the dream that you've had before,
I'm the dream that'll give you more and more.

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