Everybody Loves A Nut

Johnny Cash

Everybody loves a nut the whole world loves a weirdo
Brains are in a rut but everybody loves a nut

There was a hermit named Fred who kept the dead horse in his cave
And everyone said to Fred
Fred how come you keep a dead horse in your cave and he said well

(Everybody loves a nut, the whole world loves a weirdo)
Brains are in a rut but everybody loves a nut

A columbia man named Frank had a tiger named Hank
He tried to put Hank in his tank guess what happened to ol' Frank
When they picked up the teets there and eyeballs
And erected a tombstone that read

(Everybody loves a nut)

Another Columbia fella told queen Isabella
I don't think the world is flat and now what do you think about that
And she said: You don't, and he said: No ma'm
And she said he'd get out of my queendom, and he said: Yes ma'm

(Everybody loves a nut
Everybody loves a nut)
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