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Don't Be Long

Keaton Henson

Oh please
Don't let me sleep
I only dream
Of you at my feet
You at my feet

Come here
I let you in
We can pretend
That I'm just like him
I'm just like him

And come now
Please lead me on
I just need something
To keep me from
Giving up the gun

Is this since one comfort me for one
Don't be strong
Give in come be more than a song

Don't be long
Don't be long
Don't be long

Now home
Seems like a trap
Not coming back
Whether you will
Whether you will

And you won't be
A seatbelt for me
And I'd be an airbag darling
Just wait and see
Just wait and see

And believe on
And come back you've got blood on your skin
Don't leave woman
Come here give me time to let you in
Believe woman
Come here
You've got blood on your skin
Believe woman
Come here
Give me time to let you in

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