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How Could I Have Known

Keaton Henson

How could I have known
You were the one for me?
How could I have known
That you were the air I breathe
If I don't believe in love?

How was I to know
That I couldn't live without
Your arms around me?
If you'd only come back now
I'd not let you down again

And how could you allow
Allow me to love you so
How cruel a thing
If you'd only hold me close
I'd not let you go again

Guess I could have been
A better man
I should've held onto your coat
But how could I've known?

And now looking back
I should've been on my knees
But I can be cold
Should've said: Stay with me
And: Please don't leave me alone

And those other girls
They never made me feel
The way I do now
I know that our love was real
But I broke the deal
And now

I'm out in the cold
Baby come hold me close
Please don't let me drown
You're the one that i love the most
My holy ghost
God damn

Guess I could have tried
A little harder
But I seek comfort in being alone
And how could I have known?

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