Ken Ashcorp

You’re not like the other girls I meet at the parties
Getting all snarky
Talkin’ ‘bout how much you hate Twilight
You’re feminism and I’m just Barbie
‘Scuse me, did I hurt your privilege?
If you can’t get with me then just get with this
I’m a one-tongue girl and they call her a stand
And Imma do what I can
‘Cause I don’t need no man

This aint appropriation
This is just what we do in this club night nation
You need to tone it down, girl
‘Cause all of your problems come from menstruation
Yeah, you need to get laid
And if you stick with me then you might get played
Or you might get smell all over you
What’s it gonna be, huh, what’cha gonna do?

So check your privilege at the door
(Get down and dirty on the dance floor)

You’re a creamsicle
You melt in my mouth
Social justice
Shout it out loud
Oh, can’t you see?
You’re my OTP
You only live once
So come with me
Slamming jager bombs
Into the night
It feels so wrong
And it feels so right
So flash that cash
Get off my dash
It’s canon now
So let’s get smashed
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