What PS2

Ken Ashcorp

Something strange about that girl
The way she walks, the way she talks
It's like she doesn't realize
Could it be that she's a zombie?
Must be mistaken
'Cause I can see the life in her eyes

It's a shame that she don't notice
Can't wear a thing like that
When you're in your twenties

She just carries on calmly
Sippin' on that cup from Wendy's

Suddenly it strikes me
What if no one's told her?
What if no one's asked the question
What if no one's polled her?
So I scream out
What's that PS2 doing on your head?

And this is what she said
What the fuck did you just fuckin' say about me, you little bitch?
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class
In the Navy SEALs
I have over 300 confirmed kills and I'm trained in guerrilla warfare
What's gotten into you?
I don't see no PS2

No seriously, what PS2?

What? Is something there? What PS2?
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