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And The North Star Cried


Long ago when the gods were still young and guarded the heavens
With might the four furious winds swept across the snows
Proud, fearless and free the children of ukko walked the earth
And at dusk they sang anthems to the welkin
And their beloved north star

And still she smiled upon the earth

Through these lands of ice the north star once led our way
Now blood covers the frozen ground
Scarred by an eerie sound as the north star cries in pain

On the darkest of winters evil arrived from across the sea
Disguised as a wooden cross -as the coming of salvation
Death and destruction they brought
And clashes of steel filled the nights
And the north star watched as the blood of her children flowed

And her tears fell upon the earth

Our fathers' blood was spilled on the ice
And the north star cried in the night
Our beloved gods were violently driven to exile
Gone are the days of the north star's reign
Now her tears are all that remain
But one day they'll wash the blood away
And the spirit that once died
Shall rise again
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