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Black Winged Goddess


From far beyond the mountains of crom
Where the forces of winter spare only the strong
Strides forth a son of the north
Destined to conquer, and die by the sword

And like the sun, he rises with golden light
Reaching with his rays into the world
But like the sun, each time he's destined to set
And is forced to hide in the dark...

Where his wounds bleed in silence
Blazing eyes now reduced to dying embers
"Oh, black winged goddess
You've struck me again with lust, please stop the bleeding
You've taken enough!"

Across the earth he strides
And when he strikes he always triumphs
Still he never forgets the shadow of the goddess
Haunting his steps

And like the moon, his restless eyes shine in the night
Joining the orgy of the stars
But like the moon, his full heart is destined to wane
And is forced to hide in the dark
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