Still Standing


Now that I've been said and done
Fallen in the name of fun
I know I'm not the only one
But I'm still all by myself
You overlooked my times of need
Laughed away thoughts of helping me
I guess you thought I'd be all right
When I was the one on top

Today I refuse to live in a hole
But a time not quite too long ago
I was wasting thoughts with my mind closed
My heart was dead
My soul was broke

You put off tragedy for another day
Well my friend that day's today
I hit the ground with outstretched hands
And now I see you weren't my friends
Cuz the ones who'd helped me
Had been there all along
I guess I
I guess that I was wrong


You can twist it around which way you like
It doesn't really matter who was right
I'm here standing tall again
And now I know my real true friends
Cuz in the end
In the end again I turned out all right
Cuz in the end
In the end again I turned out all right
I turned out all right
I'm still standing
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