Clinton Youth


I look at how you live and I see how sad you are
You're the one who brought you down you could've gone so far
Now you just do drugs all day deteriorating fast
And you're so f*cked from shooting dope your veigns are all collapsed
I don't wanna be like I won't

I take a look at my parents and see how they scream and fight
My mother even tells me that she cries herself to sleep at night
Dad's gone to the bottle but he says he's doin' fine
And all my younger siblings are being raised on ugly lies
I don't wanna be like I won't

Once a revolutionary fighting for a cause
Now a successful businessman who'd never break a law
You say "Thank God I grew up I was such a stupid kid"
But if everyone gave up like you no one would ever win
I don't wanna be like I won't

And I won't let anyone tell me what I'm suppossed to be
I won't bow down to authority
I won't compromise I'm gonna stay angry
I won't ever let this world break me
I don't wanna be like I won't
I don't wanna be like I won't
No I won't
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