You're so far away (instrumental)

We'll never be together

Sometimes I wonder,
if you'll shine as bright,
if I was closer to your light,
sometimes I'm alone,
and I look to the sky,
I wonder if I stay at home.

I know it's wrong,
but I've waited so long,
and you cant realize my pain,
cause to you it's all a game
I'm a cast away in the stars waiting for you to disappear,
can I come to terms with finding you?...
can I come to terms with my fear?

Three nights you've haunted my dreams,
I'm obsessed or so it seems,
cause after all the pain,
I'm right back at the start.
Dreams of loving eyes,
dreams are painful lies,
cause I'm no closer to your heart.

I saw myself in your eyes,
and used to see you in the skies above,
But after all I've been living a lie,
...Cause you never returned my love.
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