You Bring Me Down

Leona Lewis


You let me down, can't fix you now
Thought I could count on you to be around
You bring me down, down, down way down

What is the problem?
Are you taking me seriously?
Is it a joke to you?
Or maybe I'm a fool

Why am I trying?
So hard to be the girl that you need
How is this fair to me?
When you break through

This is too much
Don't call it love
You are the reason it's so hard to trust
Boy this ain't what I wanted
And now it's got to stop

No more tears
Why did I let you have so much control?
I gave my arm to you
And you pushed me away

Why are you here oh?
Don't you see I'm letting you go?
The damage is done baby
I have nothing to say

It's gone to far
Don't know who you are
I think its better that we are apart

Boy I know where I am
And I know where you're near

[Chorus 2x]

Would you like it if
I did the same thing to
You and I lasted
Walking years on ma shoes

Boy there's no excuse
Cause of what you did there's no me and you

Would you like it if
I did the same thing
You wouldn't have liked
Walking in time

Boy there's no excuse
That's who you are and I'm so over you

[Chorus 2x]

Down, down
Stop bringing me, stop bringing me
Down, down
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