Leona Lewis

If only I could see this night as another day
I'd know you'd found your silence
Start of fear wrapped up in me
Wrapped up in this violence

I'm back floating on water
Looking up at the night
There's a hole in the sky
All those fireflies

Don't believe in the sun
Or the night-time skies
They're only fireflies


Took a walk out the door ooh
On the day you died
And I looked up to the sun
And I saw fireflies

Now I can't see no border
Between the day and the night
You were torn all your life
Between those fireflies

(Fire) Fire
(It's only fire) It's only fire
(It's only fire) It's only fire
(Fire) It's only fireflies

(Fire) Fire
(It's only fire) Oooh
It's only fire
(Fire) It's only fire
It's only fire yeah
(Fire) Yeah
It's only yeah
(Fire) Fire ooh
(It's only fire)
(It's only fire)
(It's only)
It's only
It's only yeah
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