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The Butcher

Leonard Cohen

I came upon a butcher,
He was slaughtering a lamb,
I accused him there
With his tortured lamb.
He said: Listen to me, child,
I am what i am and you, you are my only son

Well, i found a silver needle,
I put it into my arm.
It did some good,
Did some harm.
But the nights were cold
And it almost kept me warm,
How come the night is long?

I saw some flowers growing up
Where that lamb fell down;
Was i supposed to praise my lord,
Make some kind of joyful sound?
He said: Listen, listen to me now
I go round and round
And you, you are my only child

Do not leave me now,
Do not leave me now,
I'm broken down
From a recent fall.
Blood upon my body
And ice upon my soul,
Lead on, my son, it is your world

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