Think About You

LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)


Think....(I think about you)
A-bout....(I think about you)
You....(All the time, girl)
All of the time
Hey girl, what you tryin' to do
I mean, like, what you tryin' to put my body through
Verse 1:

Tunnel vision is takin' it's toll on me

Not to anyone else, it's only you I see
It's drivin' me crazy, only gotta one track mind
Thinkin' bout' the way your body moves when you walk by
And it's makin' me want you

Verse 2:

Got me trippin', showin' off your rose tattoo
Right above your ankle, what'cha tryin' to make me do
I can't eat, I can't sleep, all I do is fantasize
Bout' that look that's in your eyes
(and the hook goes)

Verse 3:

I've got you on my mind
Girl, I just think of you all the time
Girl, I just think of you, don't know what else to do
I wonder if there is a chance for me, baby
One possibility that I can make love to you
Been dreamin', and hopin', that your heart will open
And make it come true

Check this out
I said, Ferre Jacques, dorme vous, what'cha wanna do
The world is spinnin' but I only seem to think of you
She said she never had a real boyfriend
Just the teenage love, don't you hurt me again
Check the prognosis, you got the style to content me
Without you in my life, I guess the whole thing would be empty
Jiffy pop love, you don't stop, you got me sinkin'
Visualize your body as I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin

She says she's never had a real boyfriend, what?!
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