LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)

I know I've always said that love
Was nothing more than a waste of my time
I've always thought I'd be above these feelings
Always seem to mess with my mind
I know you'd never catch me in the corner of my room
Gazing at a picture of you
Tho it all don't mean nothing
Cause every time I'm thinkin bout thinkin girl
I'm thinkin of you

And forever for the rest of my life
Thru it all girl I'll be right by your side
I'll give my heart baby I'll give you my mind
I'll be the one that brings the joy to your life
And if you're willing girl then give me a chance
And I promise that I'll be a good man
And forever for the rest of my life,
I'll be right by your side

2nd verse:
Girl the love you give to me
Is Sweeter than the sprinkles on the top of Mama's
Apple Pie
And I know I'm in love when I'm staring at the
Sparkles that appear in the corner of your eye
You don't have to worry darling
Bout the things that I said before
Because I'm so in love
And ain't nothin gonna stop me girl
I bet it on the moon and the stars in the sky above


Never thought that it would happen to me that I'd
Fall In love
Can't believe baby but I can see that you're
You are the only one I'm thinkin of
It doesn't matter baby I don't really care no more
As long as we're together
Baby I'll be right there
I won't go nowhere
I want your love forever

Chorus til fade
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