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Yeah Yeah Yeah

Lil' Mo

[lil mo:]
Uh huh,uh huh ammadeus you crazy for this one, yeah (ummmmm huuumm yeaaaahh)

[verse 1:]
Remember the first time you saw me with my hair undone, i thought that i would die, remember the first time we made love it felt so good i thought that i would cry
Remember the first time you took me past your mamas house she didn't like me now she thinks i'm cool and everyday i'm reminded why i fell in love with you

Cuz you make me say yea, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeaahh, yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah [repeat once more]

[verse 2:]
Remember our first fight when that girl had called and i broke everthing in sight, remember when(i apologized)and we made love(haaa)that same night, remember when we tried to go our seperate ways and it lasted for a day or two and everyday i'm reminded why i fell in love with you, you you cuz you make me say

Yes in the morning (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah(boy you make me say) yes in the evening(yeah, yeah, yeah(now imma take this back old school since i'm doin this by myself yall ready member when we use to rock the same outfits)

[lil mo's rap:]
When we use to go to the mall together, member when i said soon as i get rich we go ball together if we rise we go fall together, if they try to step to you knuckle up cuz we go brawl together i ain't go let nobody back you down cuz the way i felt back then the same way i feel right now and i'm still the same after all that we been through and i still know the reasons why i'm still with you (yeaaa ...hahhaha)

Yes in the morning (yeah, yeah, yeah oowww, yeah, yeah (get cha 2 step on right quick) yeah, yeah (cuz you make me say yes all day, yes all night yeah yeah yeahhhhh, yeah yeah yeah yee yeeaa yeeeaaa, yeah, yeah don't it feel good uh huh uh huh uh huh [repeat until miri ben ari's solo]
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