Lil' Mo

You said you had to leave
Come Saturday, you gon' be with me
Said you had things you had to do
Now it's Monday
I ain't seen or heard from you
How much more time you need?
I'll let it marinate, gettin' worried
Now it's Wednesday
It's in your face
Ooh baby, I believed you when you said

Said you would love me for "always"
But "always" ended Saturday
How could you look me in my face
Know you were needin' her in the first place

Ooh, I tried to reach out and touch you
But it wouldn't go through
I even drove by your apartment
Saw the for sale sign
You upped and moved away
Could at least called me
I caught onto you, y'all was over
Now y'all are closer
Than y'all ever were
Swore to me
I believed you when you said


You took a piece of me
When you walked away
Last Saturday, ooh
I really thought you'd be the one
That would change my mind
Oh, it ain't the same

But I didn't see a thing
That would even make me think
That you were really down for me
Boy, you ain't love me
You ain't love me

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