Lost Boyz

"Everything that I have done this season has been turned into something negative," Iverson said. "People in the media have written some negative things about me and now that is the big issue with this year's 'Rookie of the Year' Award."

This just in the rap group, Lost Boyz, spelled L-O-S-T B-O-Y-Z are being charged with siting several riots during their performances. They are best known for sipping Hennessey and twisting trees backstage. This group is linked to the South Jamaica, Queens Lost Boyz. They are considered New York's third largest gang. Sources say that government officials have big problems with the way the group lives.

[Verse 1]:
WHY They won't let us do no shows in New York
WHY They won't even let us fuckin talk
WHY They say Lost Boyz be a gang
WHY Nah man kid we just do our thang
WHY Why we always in the cut sometimes
WHY Why we roll and sleep on bunks sometimes
WHY Why I be askin myself that
WHY Why I turn my cat to the bat
WHY Why I freestyle and write
WHY What dumb sharks that fight
WHY Why God take me to Queensbridge
WHY Why the fuck you did what you did
WHY I see be wild gettin down
WHY OOE J drama's in town
WHY I represent my crew
WHY Speak nice Freaky Tah pretty new
WHY I represent South Jamaica what
WHY Me and my team we'll get in your gut
WHY Stay trees with fam all day
WHY Write my name in the complex hallway
WHY Got my man's spot where we be chillin at
WHY Throw your L's in the skys if you feelin that
WHY My man got me in the right L
WHY My man's got me in the right now
WHY WHY...Lost..WHY WHY Lost...

Hey yo I'm shoppin nice and pretty lou
WHY Why you forgot the fox crew
WHY Why you forgot Lillith Beulavard
WHY Why you forgot my nigga's that's hard
WHY Why you forgot the playas the pimps
WHY Why you forgot my nine the fix
WHY What why you forgot the whole world
WHY Fuck that little man my my girl
WHY Why you forgot J-Ball
WHY Luther Siqual Sean and more
WHY Why you forgot Troy too
WHY Forget Kind and B while shoe
WHY My man what and my nigga name Doo
WHY And and care for for the 1-3-8-2
WHY My niggas drugged in drama
WHY Ay yo why I love my Mama
WHY Why I love Buddah
WHY Ay yo why that broad there shoot us
WHY Because she had my money
WHY Laugh thinkin it's funny
WHY Took my daughter and all of my money from \
WHY My safe and yo now I have nothin
WHY and I'm broke and I'm fucked up see
WHY Ay yo that fool she tried to stick up me
WHY I'm sticky Freaky Tah
WHY And niggas ask me why
WHY I be yellin so much
WHY Cause I get this track just to right touch
WHY On this track I gets still man
WHY Shortys they wanna mess around man
WHY Ay yo get up and shake that doo-doo round man
WHY Ay yo Tah I like the way you sound man
WHY Because the LB's in your area
WHY Ay yo I'm rollin I ain't scared of ya
WHY Ay yo why were you in daria
WHY To get up in our fuckin area
WHY This is how I do in New York
WHY From '97 there's no time to talk
WHY Niggas niggas screw faces and all that
WHY This is how we do it goin playin war black
WHY On the courts we gets down man
WHY Niggas don't wanna mess around man
WHY Like the way I sound man
WHY LBs we keep it til your down
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