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My Game

Lucky Dube

So I see you've got a problem
do you wanna take it outside
I'm not the fighting type
But go ahead make my day
You gonna fight me physically
I'm gonna fight you spiritually
I'm gonna fight you truthfully

If I tell the truth boy
you hate me for it,
and if I tell you lies
you call me a good man yeah
I've got news for you boy
let me tell you this
listen to me

This is my game
I'm gonna play it my way

You call yourself
the voice of the voiceless
But the only time you use your voice is when you criticise what other people have done
We read in the Bible and understand
What it says, Thy shall not judge yeah
But why you do it Rasta
How can you do it Rasta
Tell me hold can you do it Rasta
How can you do it Rasta
Call me a fake
Call me anything you wanna call me

But what I do is Jah - work boy
this is the people's work boy
You want me to say
all the things that you believe in
I'm not your puppet
I'm not your puppet listen to me
I've got news for you

This is my game

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