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Group Areas Act

Lucky Dube

If I'm dreaming don't wake me up if it's a lie don't tell me the truth
'Cause what the truth will do, it's gonna hurt my heart
Being in the darkness for so long now
Mr. President, did I hear you well Last night on TV
You said:
The group areas act is going Apartheid is going (x2)
Ina me eye me sight the future so bright
I mean I my eyes
I see the future so bright
When the blackie manna coming together
With the whitey manna (x2)
Whitey manna coming together with the blackman
If I'm dreaming
Gazing at my crystal ball I see the future so bright
The fighting's gonna stop now
We'll forgive and forget I know Mr. President
You can't please everyone
But everybody liked it
When you said
Group areas act is going
Apartheid is going (x2)
If I'm dreaming (till fade)
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