Pack Up

Lyrics Born

From the gate what you know about rapping motherfucker
You can't even hold the microphone without it feedbacking
Since the days of speed rapping I've been snapping cats spinal bones
(em)barras them in front of women take their little titles home
Bear in mind I come from an era in time
Where you actually had to have lyrics that rhyme
Let my baritone grind your insides, paralyse your cerebellum
Throw with your reality out of a nine mit?
Flip shit, on some pimp shit, on some rock shit
Some rap rock testosterone rip shit
Look inside every magazine you read about me
Got an excerpt, your sissy ass crew's afraid to say the fucking f-word
Tired of playing games, I don't know the password
How's about this open up the damn cash drawer
Throw the keys on the dashboard
Let the real players play this shit
Yah can fucking wretch up?

Pack up get started walking
Fall back now on your losses
You can't accomplish
But you won't defeat no contest baby

Forfeit don't rock the call pit???
Chalk this up as a conquest
Some things is sacred
I don't play with my stage or my audience

Smooth talking charismatic ass ill
Talk you lady outta bra
Honda hatchback hand held y'all starved
And I'm dangling a shrimp by the fan tail
Whole audience about to fall over the handrail
I can't tell is that rapping?
Dude sound like a fucking parrot just crash landed
Man this shit is ass backwards these days real crazy
I can count on one hand cats that's truly creative
And the rest is all get along go along guys
Happy not to get involved just along for the ride
No vision, no drive, spirit or wherewithal
You can get mad and stay mad at that I don't care at all
Huge parafoils keep em cool under a parasol
Paragon of my era like sarah born?
How many different kinda tracks have y'all heard me on
Exactly and I served them all


I spent ten years in these god forsaken rap trenches
With small daily victories this shits a game of inches
I sustained minor injuries scuffles with the missus
For the chance to make history I don't regret it for a minute
Seeing cats drop a small fortune on plush ride blau?
Couple years later fools is upside down
Tell me what the fuck did you get in this game for
It's like a whole world of squirrels only one acorn
I don't usually like to take it back
But realistically if this was a different era
Y'all would fail miserably
Ghetto team I'm going in, take me down fifty feet
I never let this industry put me in the guillotine
Rapelle down the skyscraper kicking in the plexiglass
Plastique on the safe boom blown to Leningrad
Stuff the cash and the formula in the fifty bag
Slide down the rope, twenty stories hail a taxi cab

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