Lyrics Born

Have you ever felt like you were just a modern day slave?
Livin in a life worth livin only some of the days?
Workin hard nights, hard stripes from all types
No rights but pardons, we live within the system starvin
It's determined how they show us lookin like we live in luxury
The struggle's been forgotten, while we stay in misery
This fucks with me, like I'm doin nothin when the trouble seen
I pay the cost to lose my life to see forever's glean
Dream a little dream and hope we'll make it somehow
Need to take all our resources, and join forces
The cause is not the fault cause we don't try and reprimand it
We define the dotted line, so FUCK these niggaz speakin slander

I start my verse by sayin FUCK Guilani
And if you got a problem kid, you know just where to find me
I'm tired of this shit, cause each and every single day
I kneel down and I pray and then I wish, to a false God
that forgot that I exist -- then again, fuck the world
The whole world's tellin lies, never had anything to happen
to make me ever feel otherwise -- cause everyone that I know
has tried to run me through the dirt
Which makes my life more complicated than transexuals givin birth
So don't you step in Pri way, unless it be your D-Day
That time of the month, sex backed up, and I ain't ate in three days
That's right - I'm up here bitchin
And I'ma keep on gettin louder until somebody out there listens
with no pot to piss in

Four score and twenty years upon this earth
I seen the lurchin 'cross the surface from the politicians
The American school system
Plead resistance from my prison sentence
Wanted to shackle up my thoughts and said I needed penance
A false avengance

I see million dollar rap videos
Showin me what I be missin but nobody takes that money
to start an educational system - we need to build our own schools
without no hesitation -- FUCK the board of education

I expose the untold and draw it out in paragraphs type bold
or, maybe lay it on the line then build a boat
Like plastic gold, it's always rotten and
after facts are forgotten it's
you were wondering who unleashed the plot that's quite monotonous

Conspiracies of a thousand different ghettoes
which wouldn't be so bad if the roaches weren't used
and immune to Black Flag, females livin trife kid
Don't see how you bother, chickenheads be havin babies
just to have a baby's father, coupons in effect-ah
Food stamps they be doubled if you look inside my cabinets
they look like crossword puzzles, but for now I'm pullin hours kid
Just waitin for the day, that I can shout out KISS MY ASS
in a disrespectful way..
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