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    M I C - Give You Love

  2. 2

    M I C - I Will Offer Up My Life

  3. 3

    M I C - Lollipop Man

  4. 4

    M I C - Once

  5. 5

    M I C - Once 2

  6. 6

    M I C - Rock Star

Give You Love


I woke up to the music
Spinning around in my head
You fill my day with sunshine
And the things You said

When we are together
No words can express the way I feel
Happiness forever
Here's the deal


Give You love
You light my way
And I can't stop saying Your name

You are my sweet addiction
Yeah, I love everything You do
Sometimes I lie here dreaming
of only You
And when I see the night sky
I think of how wonderful You are
You are my inspiration
You are my Star

Love so strong will react with this
I'm back with this, there's nothing
wacked with this
The greatest thing about this love is
there's a map to this
And my heart's in this,
I won't part with this
Loving with everything inside
If I lose my way You remind me
I'm gonna ........

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