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    M I C - Give You Love

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    M I C - I Will Offer Up My Life

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    M I C - Lollipop Man

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    M I C - Once

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    M I C - Once 2

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    M I C - Rock Star

Once 2


Got tears in her eyes
Got a gun in here one hand
I wish she'd realise
That there's more to this life

She says goodbye
She's got nothing to gain

Bridge I
She says that she's sorry
She says she can't live life anymore
And I know that she's sorry
She cries out for help as she falls!

You only live once my friend
You only live once
No second chance for you (repeat)

Now the girl in the corner is dead and has gone
But the pain that she leaves behind goes on and on
Her torment is greater than what it was
Separation from the One who loves her the most

Bridge 2
She says that she's sorry
She says can I try just one more time
He says that he's sorry
There nothing more I can do

Chorus 2x

Bridge 2

The sand of time keep flowing
I ask myself where am I going
Do I know do I really care
What will I do when I got there
Life is much more than seventy years
A billion tears or a million fears
It's more than a temporal thrill
What would I do if time stood still

Take it from me I wouldn?t lie to you
Take it from me not gonna lie to you (repeat)

Repeat Chorus & Repeat Rap

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