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    Marry Me Jane - Ashes and Stone

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    Marry Me Jane - Athena

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    Marry Me Jane - Bad Loser

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    Marry Me Jane - Candy

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    Marry Me Jane - Lousy Lullaby

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    Marry Me Jane - Misunderstood

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    Marry Me Jane - Ordinary

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    Marry Me Jane - Positive

  9. 9

    Marry Me Jane - Secretly Waiting

  10. 10

    Marry Me Jane - Superman

  11. 11

    Marry Me Jane - Tabitha

  12. 12

    Marry Me Jane - Twentyone

  13. 13

    Marry Me Jane - Who's Leaving Who?

  14. 14

    Marry Me Jane - You Didn't Kiss Me

Ashes and Stone

Marry Me Jane

Ticking I'm an answer if you wind me up
I dance around
I smell his fear his Romeo inside
In the center of the curtains he is hidden in the lace
Gets tangled up every once in a while
What's a little anticipation in a violent liberation?
Clip your southern wings and fly
Scratching he's a puzzle his reluctance is a spell
So I sink my teeth in deeper dig for more
Sucking in his weakness oh the tonic overwhelms me
No you can't return the favor paramour
Let the honey day to find you
Let the blue narcotic grind you
Ashes & bone ashes & stone he should've known ashes & stone
Volcanoes in the ocean
No you can't define devotion
Ashes & stone

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