Still Be Your Friend

Mat Mchugh

What do you say now my old friend?
We travelled down that road and now we're back again
What all we learned is, i don't know
But i'd do it all over just to have you close

See, i miss you somedays more than i could show
And it all goes by too quick for us to hold

The morning wind blows at my side
Oh lay me down to rest now that the night has died
Holding a heart won't make it stay
Holding a moment just will make it go away

See, i think we've fallen far enough today
And i think we've fallen far enough to say...

That any way you call it, i'll still be your friend
We live today before it's off around the bend
We all keep moving
And we change
But i won't go changing how i feel about this anymore

And i think we've fallen far enough to know...
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