Sound of a Song

Mat Mchugh

What would you do
What would you say
Who would you know
Would you let ambition erase some of your soul
There is always new
There is always something we could own
There is always something we could be something I know
That I don’t mind if we just stay and take our time

Rewind and disappear
Keep moving slow round and around we go
Speed is deceiving every season has a reason it shows and
The trees and the birds and the bees
And the sound of a song

And the sound of a song

What would you buy
Where would you hide
What would you show
All of those stars are shine so bright, are made of gold

If all the time, there is better places we could go
With better faces, better people, better clothes
If all we see, a dollar sounds how could we believe
That we can do without
If all we hope, combos away who knows
Who be remain standing naked, smiling, posing sandy sosy

You give all you take and you mend all you break
Then you’re gone
Like the sound of a song

So dont you hold on to me
Belong to me
Just stay right here sing the song to me
Time keeps runnig out
We all get older now
We all believe in love and breaking through the field somehow
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