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One, Two, Three


I like to dance, because it clears my mind,
but all you do is stay far behind.
Stay near, I need protection.
We tried it once, it was a real good start.
We gonna do it over and you do your part.
Please don't look in every direction.

One, two, three, there you go.
It isn't very easy, but I told you so.
Feel free from trouble and sorrow.
One, two, three, you're learning fast.
You're looking very pretty in your Sunday best.
Don't worry about tomorrow.

When I am dancing with my man one day,
everyone will stop and look our way.
Thinking we just stepped out of a movie.
Believe me you can make it, if you try.
The problem is that you're much to shy.
Make it look real class and very groovy.
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