Behind The Scenes

MC Ren

Now this is the bitch who made straight A's,
but never got a look out of the house back in de
and when she was at school she gave people dirty
she always carried books and thought me and my
friends were crooks,
you always see the bitch in her classes,
she never wore pants she wore a dress and some
teachers used to brag, she was the teacher's pet,
and the nigguz used to brag how much they wanna get
her wet,
usless to aproach her coz she didn't talk,
but you would say "fuck it" when you saw the bitch
ass hanging out by the pound,
and that's the reason why niggaz wanted to get her
panties down,
she kept to herself in the hallways,
and never looked at niggaz like all day,
and when the last bell rung she was gone,
so one day I decided to follow the bitch home,
her mother was at work she would'nt get home 'till
so it was time for ren to put the bitch in the mix,
cuz back in the school it was every nigguz dream,
so now it's time to get a closer look behind the

"all the pimps, the hores, the pulldaggers, the
gave 100$ bill just to see"

now I made it to her house but she would'nt let me
in yo,
so I said fuck it, snuck around to the window,
she get into the room and start to undress,
now I'm biting on my lips saying "damn this bitch
is blessed!"
the doorbell rung, it was the nextdoor neighbor,
and he was asking her, could she do him a favour,
she grabbed de nigga's hand and took him in the
and layed on the back as he fucked her with a
he said he wanted to go but then she said,
she wanted him to eat the pussy so she grabbed his
and he started eating it like a thanksgiving dinner,
he made the bitch come and then he put his dick up
in her,
she scratched up his back with her claws,
but she was screaming so loud he had to gag her
with his draws,
and after they finished fucking yo the bitch took a
to wash off the sweat from the last half hour,
the bitch put out some bud and then she started to
took a swig of Jack Daniels and made a few lines of
the nigga said "shit, gotta go",
bcuz this innocent little girl is a ho!

"nobody in .. my neighborhood" MiX

now I went back to school the very next day,
and I knew that my niggaz won't believe what I had
to say,
I told them what I saw and nigguz said "yeah right",
so I told the mothafuckaz to come over there
now there's 10 real niggaz at her window,
waiting to see a ho like at a matinee show
they thought that I was lying cuz we waited 1 hour,
and when we started to leave the bitch walked out
da shower,
ass hanging out as she laid on the bed,
her bottomlips was hanging and she started
her daddy walked in and started beating her with a
the bitch was so hot she made the leather start to
but she was liking it,
yelling "daddy give it to me harder",
then he took off all his clothes and start fucking
his daughter,
my niggaz outside did'nt believe what they would
and when her mama got home, they turned into a
her mama ate the pussy while her daddy doggystyled
the family prayed together and they also laid
I could'nt take no more cuz I was too much of a man,
so I jumped right thru the window with my dick in
my hand,
The family didn't mind and kept doing what they was
cuz now it was even it was 2 against 2,
and 'bout a couple minutes after I was in,
all my niggaz jumped in all 10 yo behind the scenes!

"This is a bitch who did the whole crew"

"yes daddy I love you"

"She like suckin' on dicks .. and lickin' up
nut....and she'll even take a broomstick up the butt!"
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