Nigga Called Ren

MC Ren

ten years muthafucka'z, these bomb ass raps hooked up wit ant banks

made the bay bridge collapse ren's rap[voice]
bitches be havin claps and crabs on a day
i came outta state, like a movin yay
it's all about ren and banks like hoo riders
muthafuckin compton niggas got them true riders
industry full a shit make a nigga shake spots
these muthafuckin clones bitin bone and pac
fuck magazines i get five mics who the source
wit all this street shit my niggas took it by force
ten years ago the villain revealin a new text
guaranteed legendary endorsin big checks
broke off to sex real niggas dont die
nigga thinkin you the shit cause ya homie lie

chorus[all you bitch ass niggas wanna ride wit me
knowin damn well you cant come inside wit me
now the villain is back again who is it
the black nigga that they call reeeeen

ren's rap verse 2
bitches be havin signs readin ren come and fuck
villain be meditatin have the trick feel we matin
hands off controllin they minds like remotes
compton niggas be shovin they dicks down them deep throats
i'm compton most wanted like eight and chill
fuck the radio and the bitch dianna still
we dont be givin a fuck like niggas shermed up
heard i was fuckin wit banks got yo ass turned up
lyrically i cant be fucked wit wit a pen
bitches be sayin they pussy hurt again by that nigga ren
i niggafied like them do foself soldiers
street niggas comin up slangin straight bolders
too much dick to swallow got yo ass about to choke
when i nut yo face creamy white like you sniffin coke
fuck that my muthafuckin dick weighs a ton
i see you bitch niggas wanna run uh,
ren's rap verse 3
these niggas ridiculous makin me laugh like jamie foxx
shackin wit they mommas actin like they fort knox
clone niggas created them all like yakube
wonderin why they gettin booed imitatin icecube
cacky suits niggas permed the fuck up
in eighty seven its cool in ninety seven burn the fuck up
west coast full a droughts wit no clout
most of yall muthafuckas dont know what yall talkin bout
got niggas drinkin ya poison like jim jones
villain be shippin gold in three muthafuckin time zones
but the villain residin on fault lines
amaeture niggas thought they could duck but caught mine
right jabs and bruce lee kicks and back flips
hooked up wit this nigga from the bay to stack chips
big thangs reedit that shit i be the fattest
black muthafucka real nigga status uh
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