Haunted Rooms

Metal Aggressor

Your face disguised now
Your body is on the ground
Take a look to the mirror
What can you say
I will gonna make your shames
Turn to proud

I Still say
You will take
Today your last breath
I know you're afraid to die
I'm asking you just tell me why
You never give up of the pain

Don't suffer until the end
In the road you'll be wrong
because the people lie
Walk alone, maybe you test your fears
Your enemy looks at you
In the corner of the rooms

I want to stop
Hidding in the corner of the world
But you always find me
In the haunted rooms
(if)I die I won't be in the paradise
Where the happy ending
Every always a legend

You are under
False impressions of this world
You are as many other without senses
Notion of where to go
Can you let me go
You are my hope to the infinite
Hey! Can you hear me?
Can you see me bleeding in
This haunted rooms
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