No More Betrayals

Metal Aggressor

So You Are Tired Ridding The Road
You Make Me Higher You Lost Your Control
Who Help You When You Fall
They Turn Away You Can't Remember
Does Not Matter If You Still Alive
Too Dark To See I'm Closing To You
I Gonna Make You Down So Low You Hate Me Inside

All Of This Words I've Been Crying The Sky
Look At Me I Believed In Your Lie
You Are Betrayal I am Changing My Mind
No More Betrayals I've Been Crucified
I Was Dying Without The Savior's Help
I Have To Fight To Live No More Betrayals

You Burn Inside But You Don't Feel The Pain
I Wanna Make You Fell Like A Loser No More Betrayals
When I Was Bleeding I Was Left Alone To Die
Them All You Gonna Pay This Liers Must Be Crucifyed
You Are Betrayal
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