A Schoolgirl's Day

Mike Patton

7 o'clock in the morning
She wakes up, and gets up
And begins to dress

She washes with soap and water
Wipes herself with a towel
She brushes her hair with a brush
Combs it with a comb
And her mom ties it for her with a ribbon
She does her bed, she does her room
That is: She puts everything back in its place

7: 30 she goes down for breakfast
8 o'clock after breakfast
She puts on her hat and cloak, and goes to school
8: 30 at school
She learns grammar, history and geography

Arithmetic, English and German
Music, drawing and sewing
11:30 she goes home for lunch
2 o'clock: She goes back to school
3: 15 during the break: She plays in the playground
And walks up and down with the other girls

She plays tennis, croquet, ping pong or basketball
4: 30 she comes back home and does her homework
5 o'clock: Does her exercises and learns her lessons
7: 30 supper with Mom, Dad, and brother Tom

8 o'clock: After supper, they play cards and dominoes
8: 45 she reads, then looks at her collections of postcards and stamps
9: 30 she goes upstairs
She looks at her bed, she looks at her room
And she puts everything back in its place

She packs her belongings in her schoolbag
And takes off her shoes
10 o'clock: She goes to the window
Opens it
Gets up on the balcony
And jumps away into the cold night
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