Pink and Bleue

Mike Patton

When I drink too much
I shit my pants
Feel a little maidish
Lose my marbles
Singing an old love song
(Oh, no Verlaine)

Talking about you
And me
Joe, who is he?
A punch in the liver
That you don't feel because

Singing a pink song
Full of love and bruises
A poor blue song
Kisses, screams, black and blue
Singing a pink song
Who doesn't handle prose with kid gloves?
A poor blue song
A song pink and bleue

When my soul is grey
I feel my wings will break
Coming, going
Like little sisters
Who ain't got the right tricks
When there was not you nor me, no holes
Thing-a-ma-jig or Joe Blows
When there is less, ain't nothing left
So I serve my dose

One glass of pink song
Pint of shouts and bruises
You like that shit?
Listen dumbass douchebag
To my pink song
Who doesn't handle prose with kid gloves?
This is my
Pink and bleue

Just one glass of pink song
Don't handle with kid gloves
This is my pink and bleue
My pink and bleue
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