Lights of the City

Mild Miracle

Whispers of the night bring a breeze of loneliness
Trues hide the shadows of our wishes
There is a real image behind the mirror
Closing the eyes and trusting in a blind way...

I see your face, in a better way
The lights of the city
I can see in your face
The lights of the city

Our secret will stay kept in the darkness
No more words showing our pain
How many tears in the silence?
They still run our face
Washing the meadows in the field...

Winds take all the pain from here
My hands is empty of hope
Believing in changes it's my only hope
Searching for a new miracle of the winds

How many time will I be alive?
Returning of the wars and no fear
Praying for a new day
Waiting your eyes reflect the lights of the city
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