Waiting For An Answer

Mild Miracle

No time to complain, everythings can surrond
Minds call you into aroud
Flags of hate
Nobody said the truth

Welcome to this place...
They como from a lost war
We are burning in the world
The second holy war is begining

We are going to the new dimension
No fear, no hunter, nothing
We walk in the darkness, nobody help us
My hope, my answer

Everybody know the truth
But where is my way?
Minute after minute my life is breaking away

It´s time to find our goals
It's time to know our life
Inside my mind the time is coming
Inside my eyes i see our fate

Can you fell this mean?
I am running in the dark
A place of war
Don't look for my eyes

Can you fell this mean
In a place that i am waiting for an answer
Show me the way

Bringers of torture is here (190)
My answer is far from here
Walking for the "ask"
We are going...
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