Christina Milian

Rolling through the streets though i got somewhere to go
driving past ur house though im creeping on the low
i look up and see your light on through the window
but your truck aint there so maybe youre not home
then i get to wondering having all kind of thoughts like
maybe there some other chick sleepin on them sheets i bought
im not usually so damn insecure
but i dont know whats up w/ u no more

i can feel my heart beating through my chest
a hundred beats per minute pounding thru this fast
cuz i realize im in disguise, sanity compromised.
this is getting crazy but ur ass done made me b a stalker,
b a stalker i dont want to be a stalker b a stalker but i gotta b.
dippin in the city inna nothin but my car,with my girls up in the back trying to find where you are

you tell me that u love me, page me everday
so why is it that i dont believe a word that you say?
the rumors or maybe its the little clues i dont trust you
but i love you what can i do
u tell me that i should relax that i dont got no solid facts
but u dug ur last girl, pulled some shit behind her back
listen up i wont b nobodys fool boy, earn my trust.. until then im watching u boy.
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